‘How Safe are our Children’ – NSPCC 2017


The NSPCC’s latest report  provides “the most robust and up-to-date child protection data that exists across the 4 nations in the UK for 2017. The report sets out 20 different indicators. Each indicator looks at the question of ‘how safe are our children?’ from a different perspective. They also include historic data, to help track progress over time.”

Key findings

This year’s report explains what the available data tells us about the current child protection landscape. It also highlights the NSPCC’s call for a new UK-wide prevalence survey to give the clearest possible picture of the extent of child abuse and neglect.

  • In recent years there has been an increase in emotional abuse as a reason for children being on a child protection plan or register in England and Wales, and increasing numbers of contacts to the NSPCC helpline about the issue.
  • There has been an increase in public reporting of child abuse. In 2016/17 the NSPCC helpline responded to its highest ever number of contacts.
  • There have also been increases in police-recorded child sexual offences and indecent image offences across the UK and increases in child cruelty and neglect offences in all UK nations except Scotland.
  • The last decade has also seen increased numbers of children on child protection plans and registers and increased numbers of looked after children in the UK.