1. Free online CPD training for schools and other professionals

    6 July, 2017

    As part of the All Together Programme, the Anti-Bullying Alliance has FREE CPD training for schools and the children’s workforce. This training is split into 6 modules: What is bullying? Bulling and the law Bullying and SEN/disability The 10 principles to reduce and respond effectively to bullying Preventing bullying Responding to bullying Cyber bullying. Each […]

  2. 14 July – Day of Memory for victims of honour killings

    5 July, 2017

    On the 14th of July the Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Service will mark the ‘Day of Memory  for those who lost their lives in honour killings’. The day was set up by the charity Karma Nirvana. The date of 14th July was chosen because it would have been the 29th birthday of Shafilea Ahmed, the 17-year-old British girl who was […]

  3. Exam Stress?

    20 June, 2017

    The NHS has guidance for coping with the stress of exams. Please use the following link for further information: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/pages/coping-with-exam-stress.aspx

  4. Female Genital Mutilation – Free Confidential Service

    13 June, 2017

    There is now a free confidential service for help around FGM concerns. If you are in need of advice please see the information on the link below: Female Genital Mutilation

  5. From August 2017 the OSCB will be introducing a new system for booking training

    30 May, 2017

    The OSCB is updating its system for booking training  – which will impact on all users of the current system What you need to do… You will need to log onto the current training portal with Virtual College and download your certificates for any e-Learning or face-to-face courses you have completed. Please make sure your certificates […]

  6. Free anti-bullying training for the children’s workforce in Oxfordshire

    25 May, 2017

    Oxfordshire County Council is pleased to announce that we are working with the Anti-Bullying Alliance (from April 2017 to October 2018) to become an All Together Area and work to reduce bullying of children in schools. As part of this FREE training is being provided to schools and the wider children’s workforce in Oxfordshire. This […]

  7. Safeguarding in Education e-bulletin

    11 May, 2017

    SiE e-bulletin May 2017  

  8. Gang Violence, Exploitation & Drug Supply

    4 May, 2017

    This report published by the National Crimes Agency reflects a very serious issue taking place in Oxfordshire at present.  It provides insight of the current national situation, as generated by gang violence and exploitation linked to county lines class A drugs supply. County Lines – Gang Violence Exploitation and Drug Supply 2016

  9. Children and Social Work Act 2017: social work reforms become law

    The Children and Social Work Bill has become an act of parliament after receiving Royal Assent this week A series of reforms to social work in England will become law after the Children and Social Work Bill received Royal Assent. The legislation is now an act of parliament – the Children and Social Work Act […]

  10. Warning over babies sleeping in car seats

    28 April, 2017

    “Long periods sleeping in car seats may be dangerous for young babies,” the Daily Mail reports. The results of a small study suggest spending long periods of time in a car seat may lead to babies having breathing difficulties. But the researchers pointed out “we cannot be certain of the clinical significance or potential risks”. NHS Choices […]