1. The OSCB neglect practitioner portal – have you seen it yet?

    23 August, 2017

    In Oxfordshire, neglect is the most common reason for children becoming subject to a child protection plan. Recognising that neglect can be difficult to quantify,  work with and improve, Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board have created a Neglect Practitioner Portal to help you address this potentially fatal and developmentally disastrous form of abuse. If you don’t know […]

  2. Troubled Teens: A study of the links between parenting and adolescent neglect – The Children’s Society

    22 August, 2017

    Commissioned by Luton LSCB to support the development of their strategy on neglect and Informed by young people themselves, this report lifts the lid on the significant scale of teenage neglect. Teenagers describe experiences with parents or carers who failed to monitor their activities outside of the home, make sure they got adequate healthcare or […]

  3. ‘How Safe are our Children’ – NSPCC 2017

    18 August, 2017

      The NSPCC’s latest report  provides “the most robust and up-to-date child protection data that exists across the 4 nations in the UK for 2017. The report sets out 20 different indicators. Each indicator looks at the question of ‘how safe are our children?’ from a different perspective. They also include historic data, to help […]

  4. NEW OSCB Training System is now Live

    10 August, 2017

    New OSCB training system now live You can now register and book onto upcoming courses: http://training.oscb.org.uk We would recommend reading the  ‘Book Training’ Page on the OSCB website as there are a number of changes you need to be aware of and non attendance / late cancellation charge information: http://oscb.org.uk/booking-training/

  5. Changes to OSCB training online booking system

    19 July, 2017

        The OSCB is changing its online booking system for training. If you have been trained in the last 3 years you need to take action.  Please see the attachment to find out what actions you need to take in the run up to the launch of the new booking system.

  6. Snap Map – concerns raised

    Concerns have been raised following an update to ‘Snapchat’ that shows publicly posted images on a searchable map – Snap Map. Snap map lets people search for places such as schools and see videos and pictures posted by children inside. It also lets people locate their “friends” on a map that is accurate enough to determine […]

  7. Hot weather dangers for children

    7 July, 2017

    The Child Death Overview Panel has sadly become aware of an increase in injuries to children caused from falling out of open windows. In the current heat wave please be vigilant when visiting families and remind people of the dangers, particularly for toddlers, of climbing on to window sills or playing near them. It is […]

  8. Free online CPD training for schools and other professionals

    6 July, 2017

    As part of the All Together Programme, the Anti-Bullying Alliance has FREE CPD training for schools and the children’s workforce. This training is split into 6 modules: What is bullying? Bulling and the law Bullying and SEN/disability The 10 principles to reduce and respond effectively to bullying Preventing bullying Responding to bullying Cyber bullying. Each […]

  9. 14 July – Day of Memory for victims of honour killings

    5 July, 2017

    On the 14th of July the Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Service will mark the ‘Day of Memory  for those who lost their lives in honour killings’. The day was set up by the charity Karma Nirvana. The date of 14th July was chosen because it would have been the 29th birthday of Shafilea Ahmed, the 17-year-old British girl who was […]

  10. Exam Stress?

    20 June, 2017

    The NHS has guidance for coping with the stress of exams. Please use the following link for further information: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/pages/coping-with-exam-stress.aspx